What is the Sanitary District Manager responsible for?

The Sanitary District Manager oversees the maintenance and construction on the Sanitary District Road and Drainage system and related rights-of-way in the Warren County portion of Shenandoah Farms. This also includes the management of the dams at the Lake of the Clouds and Spring Lake.

The manager's responsibilities include:

  • Developing and setting up contracts for work that needs to be performed on the road system such as road maintenance, snow removal, survey contracts etc. Also developing bid packets and meeting with potential bidders to answer questions and concerns.
  • Determining the maintenance needs by developing maps and lists of roads that need attention so contractors have a clearly mapped out plan of action when they arrive.
  • Inspecting and monitoring the work of contractors for efficiency and quality of work.
  • Developing annual budgets based on need, paying bills and developing and maintaining spreadsheets to track expenditures by type of expense and by road.
  • Responding to resident requests and concerns by email, phone or personal visit. Keeping residents and county officials informed of operations through notifications on the website, emails, and reports to the Warren County Board of Supervisors and the POSF.
  • Monitoring the dams at Lake of the Clouds and Spring Lake; performing periodic inspections per the requirements of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).
  • Researching products, developing accounts with suppliers and scheduling deliveries of needed materials.
  • Performing minor road maintenance operations in the field and working with contractors when help is needed.
  • Performing snow removal operations with county equipment while working with and monitoring the work of contract snow removal. Spreading abrasive stone on icy portions of the roadway.
  • Maintaining county tools and equipment.
  • Driving roads, monitoring damage and scheduling needed repairs during and after inclement weather events such as flooding, or snow and Ice.

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