What happens when I arrive for jury duty?

Arrive at the Warren County Courthouse on the date assigned.  Please report to the 2nd floor lobby for further instruction.  You will be checked in and will need to present one of the following forms of ID:

i.   Valid Virginia driver’s license

ii.   Virginia voter registration card

iii.   Social Security Card

iv   Any other government agency-issued ID

v   Any valid employee identification card containing a photograph of the juror and issued by an employer of the juror in the ordinary course of the employer’s business.

vi   If the juror is unable to present one of these forms of identification, the juror shall sign a sworn affidavit affirming, under penalty of perjury, that they are the named juror.

During check-in, you will receive payment, in the amount of $50.00 for your day of service.  You will then be provided a juror number.  You will be directed to a courtroom, or other designated space, to sit in your numbered seat.  Seats will have a lanyard with the corresponding juror number you will wear until excused.

You will then participate in a process called Voir Dire, which is a series of questions asked to select a panel of jurors.  

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1. How many jurors per term are called?
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10. What happens when I arrive for jury duty?
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13. What if I have a vacation or out of town engagement during my term of service?
14. What criteria would exempt me from jury service?
15. What if I have a reason to be excused that is not listed in Virginia Code §8.01-341?