Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

GIS Discalimer GraphicThe Warren County Geographic Information System, or GIS, is an interactive mapping application that organizes layers of information and displays them in a searchable database. Users can search by property owner name, property address, or parcel ID number. The following information is publicly available through the Warren County GIS:

  • Current Property Owner Name
  • Total Value of the Property (Land plus Improvements)
  • Construction History
  • Zoning Designation
  • Acreage
  • Magisterial District
  • School District Zoning

Visit the County's GIS website.

There are also a variety of overlay maps available, including, but not limited to: voting precincts, sanitary districts, waste disposal sites, locations of various emergency services and government buildings, locations of Warren County schools, flood zones, and many more.

An additional resource available to residents is the online collection of existing interactive mapping applications, which are a great way to locate County resources and gain knowledge of the plans, projects, and opportunities in the community. Each application offers additional functionality such as direct links to websites, photos, and documents through interacting with features displayed on the maps. The following maps are currently featured in this collection:

  • Warren County Recreation Guide (features parks and boat landings within the County as well as recreational areas and trails within 30 miles of the County's geographic center)
  • 2019 General Reassessment Status Map
  • "Find Your School" Map
  • Sanitary District Locations Map

Access this collection of interactive maps online.

GIS Graphic

For more information about the Warren County GIS sites, please contact the GIS Office through the Department of Planning and Zoning at 540-636-3354.