Volunteer Fire & Rescue Personnel


Warren County recognizes the valuable contributions made by its active volunteer fire and rescue personnel. To express this appreciation, the County offers certain tax benefits to these individuals.


To qualify for these benefits, active volunteers are required to obtain forms from their respective Fire Company Chiefs or the Fire and Rescue Services Department in the Warren County Public Safety Building, located at 200 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal. For any questions concerning certification, individuals can contact Chief James Bonzano at 540-636-3830.

For tax reduction, the form, completed and signed by both the County Fire Chief and the Fire Company Chief, should be submitted to our office no later than January 31st of each year.

Motor Vehicle Decal Exemption

Active volunteers are also eligible for a decal exemption. The decal fee for one vehicle listed on the Personal Property Tax bill will be waived upon qualification.

Warren County Code

According to the Warren County Code, motor vehicles owned by active members of a Volunteer Rescue Squad or Volunteer Fire Department receiving annual financial support from the County of Warren may be specially classified under this section. One motor vehicle, regularly used by each active volunteer member to respond to calls or perform other duties for the Rescue Squad or Fire Department, may be identified as regularly used for such purposes.

In January of each year, the active volunteer is required to provide the Commissioner of Revenue with a certification from the Chief or head of the volunteer organization. This certification needs to confirm that the volunteer is an active member of the Volunteer Rescue Squad or Volunteer Fire Department who regularly responds to calls or performs other duties for the Rescue Squad or Fire Department. The motor vehicle must also be identified as regularly used for such purposes.

For the purposes of this section, an "active volunteer member" is defined as one meeting specific eligibility standards for such designation as approved by the Warren County Board of Supervisors.

Any replacement motor vehicle so certified shall be classified as in Subsection A and subject to Proration pursuant to Section 160-46 of this Code.