Front Royal-Warren County Anti-Litter Council

Our mission: to educate, motivate, and participate in the prevention of litter and assist the citizens of Front Royal and Warren County to become better stewards of their shared environment.

Turning Problems into Opportunities

Turn problems into opportunities

Want to get involved? 

We provide the following:

  • All supplies needed for litter clean up events organized by community members, businesses, youth groups, or any other organization including reflective vests, picker-uppers, gloves, and bags.
  • Youth education materials.
  • Trash and recycling bins.
  • Cigarette but receptacles.

If you can think of additional gear that would help facilitate local clean-ups, please just let us know!

Swing by for a Meeting!

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 4PM. Meetings are held in the Warren County Government Center in the Planning and Zoning Office. Come on by and learn what we do and pitch your ideas to make us better. Everyone is welcome!

Rewards Program

Have you helped organize a neighborhood clean-up? Engaged in a project that helped reduce litter around town? Helped educate the community or school group about composting, recycling, or reusing materials? As long as your project and efforts contributed to reducing waste or trash on our local landscapes or in our watersheds, the ALC wants to reward you for making a positive difference in our community! Grab the application from the right, fill it out, and send it in to Chase. We will start accepting applications on April 1st, 2024.

Justin and business owner

Clean Business Award

We want to give credit where credit is due. If you know of a local business that has made a noteworthy effort to keep their property clean, let us know so we can consider them for a Clean Business Award.

Front Royal's Adopt-a-Street Program

Adopting a street is a great way to make a difference in your community. Remember that litter incites litter, so the cleaner we collectively keep the landscape, the easier it becomes. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to get their children outside and engaged with some really positive community service! If interested in adopting a street, reach out to Karen Williams for more information.

VDOT Adopt-a-Highway Program

If you'd like to adopt a section of road outside of the Town of Front Royal, you can get information from the Virginia Department of Transportation here.

Justin and Marisol
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