Special Operations Team (SOT)

Aimed at ensuring tactical excellence, the Special Operations Team (SOT) boasts twelve dedicated deputies. These professionals are:

  • Tactically Trained: Prepared for intricate operations requiring precision.
  • Highly Disciplined: Adhering strictly to protocols, ensuring optimal outcomes.
  • Specially Equipped: Armed with state-of-the-art equipment tailored for specific operations.

Their core functions include addressing:

  • High Risk Warrants: Both search and arrest warrant operations carry elevated risks that the team is trained and equipped to see through, while minimizing the risk of injury to all involved.
  • Barricaded Subjects: Efficiently and safely handling situations where subjects resist arrest or require negotiations.
  • Dignitary Protection: Ensuring the safety of government or elected officials foreign dignitaries, and or celebrities during their visits or stays.
  • Active Shooter Situations: Rapidly responding to neutralize threats and safeguard communities.
  • Tracking and Search and Rescue: Locating missing individuals and assisting in diverse rescue operations.

Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT)

The art of negotiation during high-stakes situations is crucial, and the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is adept at this. Comprised of specially trained members, who are experts in the field of:

  • Negotiations and Mediation: Ensuring peaceful resolutions whenever possible.

They are frequently deployed in:

  • High Risk Incidents: Especially during tense situations like hostage takings or when individuals barricade themselves.

Both teams underline our commitment to safely resolving every call to service where there is an elevated risk to the public, to Law Enforcement, and even to the suspect. Their training and dedication ensure the safety and security of our community.