Finance / Audit Committee


  • 6 pm
  • The 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Caucus Room of the Warren County Government Center


  1. James Bergida

    Citizen Representative

  1. Kathleen Johnson

    Citizen Representative

  1. Leslie Mathews

    Citizen Representative

  1. Jamie Spiker


  1. Sherry Sours

    Commissioner of Revenue

  1. Alisa Scott

    Finance Director

  1. Janice Butler Shanks


  1. Megan Cheshire

    Budget Analyst

  1. Vicky L. Cook

    Member, Fork District

  1. Jerome K. "Jay" Butler

    Vice Chair, Happy Creek District


The Warren County Finance/Audit Committee is a standing committee which advises the Board of Supervisors on financial matters as related to Warren County.