Development Review Committee


Unless otherwise agreed upon by the members of the Committee:

  • 10 am
  • The 4th Wednesday of each month
  • Warren County Government Center Caucus Room

Agendas & Minutes

Warren County Planning Staff will be responsible for the preparation of the agenda and minutes of the meeting. All agenda items and supplemental information shall be submitted to the Warren County Planning Department by 1 pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting. The agenda shall be distributed on the Friday prior to the Development Committee meeting to be held on the following Wednesday.


  1. David Beahm

    Warren County Building Official

  1. Bobby Boyce

    Virginia Department of Transportation

  1. Robbie Boyer

    Town of Front Royal Public Works Director

  1. Jim Davis

    Warren County Health Department

  1. Niki Foster

    Chamber of Commerce

  1. Lauren Kopishke

    Town of Front Royal Planning Director

  1. Taryn Logan

    Warren County Deputy County Administrator

  1. Gerry Maiatico

    Warren County Fire and Rescue

  1. Joe Petty

    Warren County Director of Economic Development

  1. Matt Smith

    Virginia Department of Transportation

  1. Matt Wendling

    Warren County Planning Director

  1. Jane Meadows

    Deputy County Administrator

Purpose of the Development Review Committee

The purpose of the Warren County Development Review Committee is to offer a venue whereby staff members from various County, Town, and State departments can discuss development applications and permitting issues of mutual interest that may affect the County and/or Town in an effort to foster better communications between the departments and streamline the process for the public when obtaining permits. The Committee will include representation from the:

  • Warren County Building Inspections Department
  • Warren County Planning Department
  • Front Royal Planning Department
  • Front Royal Public Works Department
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Department of Health
  • Rappahannock Electric Company
  • Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority

The Committee is not designed to be an environment where decisions are made, but one where projects are discussed for awareness of procedures and issues between the departments and agencies.

Goals for the Development Review Committee

  • Foster better communication between the various departments and agencies to simplify and streamline the permitting process for the public
  • Discuss commercial and industrial projects that are proposed or ongoing within the Town and /or County to familiarize the Committee with the projects and determine any issues that may arise through the process
  • Once established, allow a venue for applicants to ask about a project and familiarize themselves with the permitting process

Review the Development Review Committee's Statement of Purpose (PDF).