Snow Removal Information

Snow Removal TruckDuring winter weather, Warren County prioritizes snow removal on main district roadways first. Side streets and cul-de-sacs are plowed as soon as possible after the storm stops, with the goal of having all roads cleared within 48 hours.

Icy areas will be treated continuously as needed. Use caution as refreezing can occur quickly. Treat all roads as untreated.

Winter Weather Driving Tips:

  • Be prepared at home with food, medicine, and supplies
  • Stay home during and after storms if possible
  • Use 4WD and chains/cables for safe travel
  • Do not park on roads or shoulders which hinders plowing
  • Avoid parking in cul-de-sacs and turnarounds
  • Private driveways cannot be plowed
  • Stuck vehicles cannot be assisted
  • Driveway aprons may be blocked when plowing roads

Do Not Use Salt or Melting Agents on Unpaved Roads:

Salt and melting agents severely damage unpaved roads, requiring extensive repairs. Only use sand for traction if necessary.

Following these tips will allow snow removal crews to clear district roads safely and efficiently this winter. Drive carefully and avoid unnecessary travel during storms.