Welcome to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office

Sher­iff Mark A. Butler



The War­ren Coun­ty Sheriff’s Office SHALL pro­tect and serve all mem­bers in the com­mu­ni­ty. We SHALL use all legal, eth­i­cal, and pro­fes­sion­al means to enforce the law and pro­tect all con­sti­tu­tion­al rights of all persons.


The Sher­if­f’s Office is a source of pride for all of War­ren Coun­ty, respect­ed by all law enforce­ment nation­wide, rec­og­nized for our pro­fes­sion­al­ism, integri­ty, and ser­vice to our community.

Core Val­ues

Hon­or -

Tak­ing pride in our actions, duties, our­selves and our community

Integri­ty -

Adher­ing to high moral and irre­proach­able eth­i­cal prin­ci­ples at all times

Com­mit­ment -

Ensur­ing excel­lence, account­abil­i­ty and effi­cien­cy in our performance

Courage -

Unwa­ver­ing strength in the face of fear, risk / dan­ger, uncer­tain­ty, or intimidation

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Wel­come to Cit­i­zen Con­nect! Cit­i­zen Con­nect is the place to go when you are look­ing for infor­ma­tion regard­ing inci­dents, acci­dents, miss­ing and want­ed per­sons, and more. Please be aware that some infor­ma­tion is redact­ed or has not been made avail­able to the public.

Infor­ma­tion is updat­ed every 24 hrs. This does not mean that your inci­dent or acci­dent will be avail­able that quick­ly. There is a process that all reports must go through before they are able to be loaded to Cit­i­zen Con­nect.

To find a copy of a crash report, please go to the sec­tion labeled Acci­dent Search. For an inci­dent report, please go to the sec­tion labeled inci­dent search. For the Dai­ly Reports func­tion, please go to the sec­tion labeled Dai­ly Report. Dai­ly Report is an option to view all report­ed activ­i­ty over the pre­vi­ous 5 days. You can see Inci­dents, arrests, Miss­ing Per­sons, and accidents.

Link to Cit­i­zen Connect